The Art Scene is Thriving this Weekend

To say the Twin Cities take their art seriously would be an understatement. It’s clear in the Northeast neighborhood just how thriving the art scene is, but take a look around the metro area as a whole and you’ll find some of the best museums and art installations in the country.


Case in point: the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden, which is open year-round, and covers 11 acres of ground with over 40 permanent outdoor sculptures. In addition, there are films, performances, and garden parties to add to your schedule at the Walker Arts Center. Bonus – first Saturdays and every Thursdays have free admission.


The city also takes interest in curating art projects to help improve neighborhoods and continue the vibrancy of the art culture in Minneapolis and St. Paul. Current projects on the agenda include:


West 29th Street Shared Use Project – Installation of art from emerging artists—Kyle Fokken, Gail Katz-James, Niko Kubota, and Sara Udvig—which will be part of the reconstruction of the two-block area from Lyndale to Bryant.


Nicollett Mall – This 12-block radius features the second largest collection of art in Minneapolis, right behind Walker Art Center’s Sculpture Garden. In 2015, the works were removed and will make their return this summer. Four artists from around the country were selected to incorporate new art at the Mall.


40th Street Pedestrian Bridge – Artist Seitu Jones was selected to design a railing for the pedestrian bridge that links the east and west areas of the River Lake Greenway. Part of the goal of this artwork is to encapsulate the community and heritage of the surrounding neighborhoods.


These are but a few of the works in progress, commissioned by the city, to further the artistic leadership this area has in the country. Fortunately, there’s always something planned or already in action to beautify the city and recognize the talents of artists from all genres.


Wherever You Roam

Weekend Happenings


The circus comes to town this weekend but in a way that’s not all ringleaders, animal shows, and clowns. Circus Juventas is a unique experience focused more on theatrics and high-flying acrobats. The story of this circus takes guests through the Nine Realms of Norse legend complete with elaborate costuming and flair.


Then, for those interested in water races, head to Lake Minnetonka to witness the Wayzata Match Cup, which lasts for four days from Thursday, August 10 – Sunday, August 13. See which sailors come in first while enjoying the waterfront town of Wayzata.


Finally, catch one of the final performances of It Can’t Happen Here, at Ritz Theater, as the performance, based off of a Sinclair Lewis novel, comes to a close with its final show on Sunday, August 13. Or head to Guthrie Theatre for one of the last presentations of Native Gardens, which holds its curtain call on Sunday, August 20.


It’s nice to know that wherever we are in our day-to-day routines, there is art and theatre surrounding us at every turn. Where are some of your favorite artistic spots?


Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.


-Thomas Merton




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